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For Sailing Lessons:

Congrats! This is the first step to making your dream of learning to sail come true. We recommend you sign up at least 2 weeks to a month prior of your chosen class date to give yourself time to study the material and practice the knots.

To register, you can download the Student Registration form, Participation Agreement, and the Medical Information form or call the office to have a Student Registration packet mailed to you. Once you have the Student Registration Packet:

  • Complete and sign the forms
  • Return the forms by email, mail or drop them off at the office.
  • Complete your payment information with our convenient paypal payment option


Mail your deposit check and completed forms to our Post Office Box.


Drop your completed forms off at the office and pickup your study material.

Once you have registered (giving a deposit of 50% or more), you will receive your study material including a piece of rope to practice your knots. Go over the material prior to the first day of the course, once you are in class most of the time spent is on the sailboat completing hands-on exercises.

Sailing is as FUN as it looks and not as hard as you think! Getting started is easy, give us a call at 407.330.0633 if you have any questions or email us.

Live the Dream... Learn to SAIL!