Refundable Security Deposit


Completion of the ASA (101) Challenge or


ASA Certification and completion of an Proficiency Evaluation:

Members are required to be mainsail and jib qualified, and ready to go sailing. Only those Members who prove, through an interview, written exam and an on-the-water Proficiency Evaluation, to be immediately, independently seaworthy may qualify to take boats out without further training.

  • The Standard Proficiency Evaluation (SPE) is for winds not exceeding 12 knots. (no charge for U-SAIL graduate)
  • A Heavy-Air Proficiency Evaluation (HPE) is for winds exceeding 12 knots. The HPE includes the ability to Heave-To, Reef and Anchor, etc...


Florida Boating Safety ID Card
Proof that you have met the mandatory boating safety education requirements for the State of Florida. The ID Card is good for life and does not need to be renewed.

Signed Membership Agreement

 All members are required to have ASA (101) certification or equivalent certification and experience.